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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you carry out the treatment?

In my Treatment Room at my home in Handforth, near Wilmslow, which offers an environment free from distractions and stress, with a sound system, variable lighting and a 2m passive bubble tube to enhance relaxation when needed. There is also a professional treadmill where I can view clients’ postures when engaging in physical activity.
If clients prefer treatment at their own homes there is a 10% surcharge plus mileage for distances in excess of 10 miles.

What do I wear during the treatment?
During the session you will be covered with a towel to retain your modesty and I’ll only uncover you to allow access to the area of the body I’m working on.
For maximum benefit wear as little as possible during your treatment; knickers or pants are a minimum – being comfortable is the key. Some clients prefer to wear light, stretchy underwear or loose running shorts. Boxer shorts are not suitable as they restrict access to the hamstrings and glutes.

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