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Case Study – Katherine Harvey

I have been a serious athlete for over 25 years and during that time I have had a number of injuries that have needed different treatments. I firmly believe that massage plays as big a part in prevention as it does in identifying problems, tightness and releasing harmful toxins. Mark understands these relationships and can use a range of techniques that meet the specific need of the person and the problem.

Mark has worked effectively on 'niggles' around my shoulders and back before they become full-blown injuries. He has also been successful in releasing the extreme tightness I had when I did develop an injury which was proving a puzzle for my physiotherapist. This enabled me to get back to the running, cycling and spinning classes that are so important to me.

Mark has managed to incorporate massage techniques from many different cultures and his recent sports specific training into his own personal style. Mark is highly professional in all areas of the consultation and treatment process, whilst at the same time having a confident, warm and easy manner which helps you to get the most out of each therapeutic session.

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